Melinda's 21st

Melinda had her rainbow themed 21st at The Glen Hotel, which she had started planning and notifying people of since October last year. I was quite fortunate to have been assigned blue as opposed to some people who struggled to find suitable attire to match their designated colour (e.g. Tony did not have anything green in his wardrobe whatsoever thus, ended up wearing his grade 9 cadet uniform l o l). Mel asked me to be her photographer and I really hope I did her justice; here are a few piccies from the night. :)

The birthday girl and her other half hehe.

She had a million of these lolly jars scattered amongst the tables and I was practically attached to them all #whatisdiet.

Perfect fit glasses.

Ex and current VSA committee members!

Can y'all believe that it's February already?


Photo diaries: ONE

So it's been a couple of weeks since I've been back and I have accumulated a few photos to share; mainly of food though, which comes to no surprise. Hashtag fitting the stereotype of asian girls who take photos of food since 1995.

 Pawpaw cafe for brunch after experiencing the worst 9 hour aeroplane ride ever.

 Hatch & Co with the optom group followed with dessert at Sweet Treat.

Delicious creme brulee and raspberry panna cotta. 

Took advantage of Dimmi's 50% promotion for Sofitel's Thyme2 buffet with the optom group. The amount of oysters consumed that night was dangerously concerning. We also spontaneously decided to watch Birdman that night and ended up leaving the cinemas extremely confused.

Had the usual snickers bowl from Kiss The Berry.

Yum cha at Indooroopilly on a Saturday afternoon with the family.

Hope you all have a fantastic long weekend and happy Australia day! x



Seeing as a date night was long overdue, Tony and I made plans for a fancy dinner at Baguette, a contemporary French restaurant tucked away in the corner of a small street in Ascot, after hearing some raving reviews from Eric. The food was fantastic with the flavours of each dish complementing each other incredibly well; especially the chocolate dessert that we ordered, which tasted amaaaaaaaaazing. All in all, great service, great ambience and great food. 

Millyhill milk-fed lamb w/ vanilla parsnip purée, fondant potato, feta, charred gem lettuce, sumac & honey jus

Black Angus sirloin served w/ slow cooked vine ripened tomato, pomme frites & Cafe de Paris butter

Textured chocolate w/ bitter chocolate ganache, chocolate chantilly, chocolate soil & malt ice cream

Until next time! x